Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Job Aid: Session 2 (Dec 6)

Someone emailed Mike because they'd misplaced the handout I sent last week-- so here it is again. Lesson: What are the limitations of email? What are advantages to linking to things rather than attaching? Why not say "check the blog for the handout?" 

Please visit the class Facebook page and do the tasks shown there.   I have added a question for you to answer.   https://www.facebook.com/TrainingMagSoMeFall2016/

2.       Set up a Twitter account and follow me at @JaneBozarth.

Try searching terms that interest you: Training, Learning, Elearning, instructional design, communities of practice, CoPs. Or topic areas: Sales, HR, recruiting, marketing. Try hashtags with variations of these, like #ID or #Custserv . See who’s talking about what and identify people who might be worth following.  I have found fascinating people, like a former teacher with Asperger’s syndrome who now works as a consultant for retailers and restaurants, helping them to develop environments more comfortable for those on the autism spectrum, an American who has been teaching in China for years, and a fellow who does things like climb Everest to raise money for cancer research. Also, at the ‘find people’ link at the top of your Twitter home page, try looking for celebrities, authors, and experts who interest you, and businesses you’re a fan of.

3.       Per a question in session 1, here are some ways health care organizations are using social media: http://elearning.scranton.edu/resource/business-leadership/top-5-ways-social-media-is-used-by-healthcare-professionals  . If this is of interest to you the exemplar for this is the Mayo Clinic; google around and see what they’re up to. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Assignment for Tuesday Dec 6

If you've never set up a blog I invite you to try. It's really just a matter of naming it, picking a template, and then going. I usually do this live with the class but due to challenges last night went ahead and chose a name for ours and set it up:

I hope you all enjoyed our first session and appreciate your good humor about the challenges.
1. Most blog products offer widgets/gadgets, easy-to-add features like calendars, blog rolls, featured posts, etc. Please answer the poll question at right: What's your favorite tool?

2. Please add a comment (click on "commentsbelow). What do you see as opportunities for and challenges to using blogs or wikis (or other social tools) with your workforce and content? How would you overcome the challenges?